Go24 Group Business Development Services

Go24 Group Ltd Services

Go24 Group Ltd provides a range of multi-disciplinary services.

Market Development
Specializing in reorienting technical organization to have a business driven and market led focus. Leadership of marketing and business group. Research and advice on the marketing and promotion strategy, based on results of questionnaire based research interviews.

Business Development
Worldwide commercial and product development of traffic information processing technologies, including marketing and sales strategy and promotion at trades shows, conferences, newsletters, brochures and website. Considerable understanding of technologies such as internet, networks, exchanges, databases and their practical implementations. International sales to national commercial organizations and government authorities.

Supply Chain Management
Providing specialist expertise gathered for supply chain evaluation, development and implementation for mobile data broadcast solutions worldwide, especially for live navigation quality traffic data delivered to vehicle navigation systems.

All aspects of business development and project management for website development for travel information and reservations. High-level business design of website business processes and web-pages. Active hands-on management of programmers on form implementation and modifications to balance technology with business requirements.

Account Management
Management of national and strategic international accounts, leading to proposals, offers, and contract negotiations for products and services used for 24x7 mass-market information services. Experience across Europe, North America, and Australia.

Project Management
High-level project management of a national and international information services, negotiating and agreeing project Terms of Reference (ToR) to establish and manage project scope, and Service Level Agreements (SLA) to manage quality of service, while balancing business and technical requirements.
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