Go24 Group Business Development Services

Go24 Group Ltd Innovation Marketing and Sales Projects

Go24 Group Ltd is seeking innovative businesses located in Cornwall, England, United Kingdom (UK), to help them market and sell profitably.

We wish to hear from Cornish organizations with proven commitment and dedication to quality, who are offering something new or innovative in their products and services.

We are able to help launch new products and services, or to grow market share, either in the UK or internationally, while maintaining business profitability.

We have a particular interest in the following industries, though we do not at this stage wish to preclude enquiries by similar or other industries:
Travel and Transport (both business and leisure)
Health and Leisure Sport (including life-style and well-being)
Entertainment (both Music and Art)
Innovation Marketing and Sales Projects:
Offyce.com (UK) – meeting rooms.
Offyce.com was an on-line meeting room search website launched and operated by Go24 Group Ltd.
The website was a concept based on established market demand, but has not progressed since the end of the internet-boom.
We wish to re-launch the website for the Cornish market in conjunction with a professional telephone based meeting room booking service based in Cornwall.
Go24 Group Ltd invites enquiries from interested parties who wish to take a lead involvement in this project.
If you have an idea or concept you wish to pursue, why don’t you contact us?
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