Go24 Group Business Development Services

Go24 Group Ltd Traffic and Travel Information Projects

Go24 Group Ltd is highly committed to achieving profitable results for its customers in the global traffic and travel information industry through its services.

Traffic and Travel Information Projects:
GEWI GmbH (Germany)
GEWI is a technology company specializing in Traffic Information Center (TIC) software for live traffic information.
TIC Software is used to collect, manage, maintain, process, distribute, and broadcast live traffic information.
Life traffic information is used in map-based internet sites, navigation systems and devices, mobile/cell telephones, PDA’s, and email, and radio broadcasting.
GEWI products are used in over 60 projects worldwide by governments and commercial organizations.
Go24 Group Ltd is the Authorized Worldwide Agent for GEWI TIC Software products.
MIB Consulting (Germany)
MIB is a niche professional services company specializing in the business development of traffic information service chains.
The entire service chain begins with data collection.
MIB services include management consultancy, technical project services, and managed services once projects are operational.
MIB operate internationally with projects already in Europe, North America, and Australia. Go24 Group Ltd provides global managed business development services to MIB.


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